Catoctin Creek

I'm a sucker for advertisement. Well, that's not really true, but when it comes to food and drinks, if the picture looks great, I'll probably try it. That plate at a chain restaurant, the wrapper on a cigar, the bottle on a whiskey: "yes, please." That's why I fell for Angel's Envy Bourbon. That and the story. The 'Angel's Share' is the portion of whiskey that disappears from an oak barrel during the aging process between barreling and bottling. The rest that is leftover (so the story tells) is what the Angel's wish that they had. Although, I have heard of another story that tells that "whisky is made from barley and the morning dew in angel's nipples." Either way, I learned one thing: that whisky is heavenly.

Emily at Catoctin Creek Distillery, after a wonderful tour, dispelled some of my love for Angel's Envy's uniqueness (ask her for the story), but she replaced any loss of a favorite whiskey with her quality selections: the Mosby Spirit, the Roundstone Rye, and the Watershed Gin. The process of rye flour turning into these spirits involves beer mash, really expensive stills, either oak barrels or additional distilling with more botanicals, and a chemical engineer conducting her magic. And the end result for all three is amazing. 

These spirits are crafted into a variety of cocktails. The signature drinks at Catoctin Creek were great, and others from Jack Rose and PX were smooth and delicious as well. Julien, the bartender at PX and a guest bartender out at Catcotin, used his knowledge of cocktails and mixology to craft perfect drinks. He, along with many other great bartenders, handcraft their cocktails with the smooth but spicy rye and refreshing gin. The Rye Daisy and Catoctin Stormy were wonderful adaptions from traditional drinks with a new twist. The vanilla bitter used in the Catacotin Stormy were even hand made by Emily!