A Night in Orlando

There is more to do in Orlando than Disney Land. It’s a great but sprawling city with a vibrant nightlife and great food. Visiting for a great wedding, we had a pre bachelor party and had a great night out on the town.

Dinner at Hash House a Go Go

Chicken and Waffles from Hash House A Go Go

Chicken and Waffles from Hash House A Go Go

The plates are actually platters at Hash House a Go Go. A tower of bacon waffles is topped with flaky fried chicken and fried leeks made up the first meal out. Split between three of us, it is more than filling. We thought ordering two plates between us was smart, but our eyes were still bigger than our stomachs. Rolls the size of ostrich eggs smeared with honey butter started out the feast. Double stuffed burgers, black skillet chicken, and pancakes the size of regular pizzas crowded the table as we dove in. Satisfaction was reached and passed right by as we fueled up for a night out in Orlando.

Cigars at Corona

Corona Cigars in downtown Orlando is a smoker’s paradise. Row upon row of cigars greet you as you walk in, smelling the sweet aroma of tobacco as it permeates the room while you browse hundreds of premium sticks. I settled on a Julius Caesar Torpedo, my classical background meeting my hobby in a great medium, but full flavored, smoke. Drinks at their bar include signature cocktails and premium whiskeys and rums for a perfect combination while smoking. Angel’s Envy Rye was available, which opened up nicely with ice for a smooth, spicy finish. While pricy, around $80 a bottle, it is a great smooth transition if you want to get into more ryes.

Drinks at The Courtesy Bar

Courtesy Bar

Courtesy Bar

We nearly missed stopping off at the Courtesy Bar for some great pre-prohibition era drinks. Mezcal, fennel infused dry vermouth, or tobacco and coffee infused syrup are all ingredients to their various cocktails. Absinthe is also a staple here. Perforated spoons held flaming sugar cubes after absinthe is poured over, then dripping water from absinthe fountains diluted the mixture for their absinthe cocktails. The bartenders are knowledgeable and the drinks smooth and complex in this great bar.

The Pharmacy

The Pharmacy was unfortunately closed by the time we arrived, but if you go to Orlando, it looks like a cool stop where you call for the service elevator to let you into this speakeasy. Next time I visit, I am definitely coming here.

World of Beer

We finished our night at World of Beer where I finally got to try the KCCO Black Lager from Resignation Brewery and the Chive. It was a great light beer but with a flavor like a stout.

It was a fun weekend seeing my friend get married and experience the warm weather of Florida before heading back to the cold snow storms of DC.