Opium Cocktail & Dim Sum Parlour - London, UK

Overall: 5/5

Price: $$$ 

Don't blink or you may walk right past this Speakeasy without even noticing it. Located on the 3rd floor (2nd if you're a local); this Chinese themes speakeasy is fantastic. Excellent selection of cocktails, and appetizers. 

"After a year spent searching for a space in which to open a cocktail bar,  Eric Yu and Dre Masso opened Opium in December 2012. When they came across the unique space that is number 16, Gerrard Street it was love at first sight."

"Situated in the heart of Chinatown, the three floored, multi-roomed venue allowed Eric and Dre to create the unique Bartender’s Table, situated in The Academy, The Apothecary Bar, where spirits are dispensed into Chinese medicine bottles, and The Tea Parlour where they showcase their love for Chinese Teas and Dim Sum."



Our Favorite Drinks:


Stirred- Pours on the rocks

  • Wild Turkey Bourbon
  • Apricot
  • Maraschino
  • Orange
  • Bitters