Into a Barrel

Aging your own whiskey is so cool, but in almost everything I have read, starting with the white dog whiskey just makes oaky white dog whiskey that's now brown. Now don't take me wrong, I think it's awesome I got to make my own whiskey, but while it's awesome, it's really kinda crap whiskey.

I took Buffalo Trace's white dog whiskey, threw some little bottles into a 2 Litter medium charred white oak barrel I bought at, and let it sit. Now I might have cheated or sabotaged myself, but I wanted to get a bit more of an aged spirit and not have the straight un-aged whiskey, so I used a high proof 7 year(isn) whiskey (Old Grand Dad 114) to blend in with the Buffalo Trace. 

After a week, it was terrible. Two, still harsh and medicinal. I went out of town for two weeks to Belize (awesome story I'll try to share soon), and by the time I got back four weeks into the aging, it had mellowed out enough to be drinkable. Not great, but passable. I ended up losing a little over an inch to the angels, but I still came away with more than I need of this strong, harsh whiskey. 

While I never had high hopes, it was pretty fun setting up, and tasting, and bottling. However, my real purpose was to start to break in my barrel and if I was ever going to try this with new spirit, it should be a new barrel. But now I have my little baby in that barrel which I am really excited about: Poor Man's Pappy ( with a 60/40 blend of two Weller's bourbons. It's supposed to balance out at an equivalent of a 15 year old Pappy Van Winkle, which is quite awesome for the $40 price of the two Weller bottles. So I figured if I blend the two together, then age it in my barrel, it will be awesome. Practically a 23 year Pappy. I wish.

A few more weeks and we will find out. Now I'm looking forward to my barreled whiskey.