Labels Galore to End the Year

My labels are in (a while ago) made by the talented Stephany. It includes my family crest and motto, sine timore (Without Fear). It was a great way to make the year's experiments look great and feel kind professional. I had to craft some great bottles and bitters to do these labels justice, but the feedback on the Poor Man's Pappy, Aged and a Spice Rum, Pumpkin Spice, Apple Cinnamon, Winter Spice, and Cinnamon were great. 

Bitters last year included Cherry Vanilla, Orange, Aromatic, Grapefruit, and Ginger Citrus.

I also tried my hand at an allpsice dram and a lavender liqueur which were both great, even though I didn't get a nice purple color like a Creme Yvette, but the Aviation was great. Both were super simple. The lavender liqueur was a lavender tea with simple syrup and a brandy to fortify it. The allpsice was a rum infusion of allpsice berries with a brown sugar simple syrup.

Currently, I am working on a Cherry Vanilla repeat and have some ideas brewing for a few other ones. I also am finishing a Poor Man's Pappy in my old rum barrel to get that sweeter notes from the rum. I hope its great.